This is the accomplice’s section of the Columbine Conspiracy website. At this point, you can follow statements by students that describe suspects whose manner of dress and physical features different from Harris and Klebold. In some cases, they identify the suspect, but investigators black it out. When students describe suspects dressed (differently) than the two known suspects, or name other suspects, investigators assail them multiple times. After several interviews, some students amend their statement to affirm that they exclusively witness one of the two known suspects or both known suspects. In other statements, the witnesses stuck to their initial observation.

Students speaking to the news that day gave their observations of suspects. Descriptions given by students suggest suspects other than the two accused of this crime. Descriptions ranged from one to two or even three shooters. Some witnesses indeed put that number at four outside the school, and one girl claims eight shooters in an upstairs hallway. Descriptions of clothing that the suspects were wearing also varied as well. Some students described one or two suspects in trench coats, while others described one teenager in a white t-shirt, while others described suspects wearing black shirts. Other witnesses described a suspect wearing a stalking hat or a beret, while others described a suspect in a white dress shirt like what a firefighter or cop would wear!

The movements of suspects and the timing of events at locations in the school also give rise to the suspicion that there were more than two suspects at Columbine. The most obvious are witnesses in the library who hear shouts and gunshots in the cafeteria directly below them while Harris and Klebold were in the library. Jefferson County shows on their timeline of movements that Harris and Klebold went down to the cafeteria after they shot up the library, not before, and they certainly did not split up to engage students in both of these areas of the school. Students also observe suspects in areas that JCSO claims the suspects never entered, like the gymnasium and outside the east doors of the school.

When you examine the evidence, it presents compelling evidence that there are more than two suspects, namely Harris and Klebold involved here.

Below you will find the accomplice chapter divided up into divisions by where students were located during the shooting.

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