The Roof Suspect

In this section we will examine evidence of a suspect on the roof of the school shooting at students outside during the first lunch. The evidence in this section will include witness statements, a photo taken by a local resident during the shooting, and pictures of shell casings that might be lying on the roof of the school.

A witness statement made by a repairman who was the roof that day is sheds light on the events due to his position on the roof and his view of the entire area.

Available at one time, but no longer is an audio file of a phone recording where someone was chanting about Columbine. This person is unknown to this day, but whoever it is kept calling a local security guard who had a run-in with the Trench Coat Mafia and leaving these rhyming messages that suggest this person knows about the shooting. In one call that I heard, the person is chanting; “When we call them on the phone from the roof of Columbine.”

In a local news broadcast, this researcher was watching, the reporter says; "that authorities are keeping people away from the school due to; people hanging out on the roof of the school.”

News footage released as part of the Jefferson County Final Report on CD-ROM shows SWAT personnel on the roof of the school opening the doors to air and heat ducts to search for suspects.

Mark Taylor told this researcher that while laying on the ground after being shot he saw someone moving around on the roof, but he could not be certain. This could be a third suspect, or it could be the repairman as he said he went and looked over the edge of the rood during the shooting. For now, let us look at the witness statements from students who say they there was a suspect on the roof of the school that day.

The Roof Suspect Section